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  • Dil B.
    West End Detached

    I have been searching for a home from 2022 as far as I can think of and have just been browsing around my area Toronto GTA. However, with interest spiking and prices of the house around GTA being unreachable, I had to think of areas outside of GTA. First, I worked with a realtor who asked me to check the house on my own while giving me barely any updates on new houses. I decided not to work with him. I reached out to another realtor, and she couldn’t provide much of her services but claimed to be the best in her town (Cambridge).
    On early 2023, I wanted to find a company who gives cashback on home purchases. Thus, I googled and found info about Green Hedge Realty, Inc. I sent an email and Arthur connected me with Dan Darragh to work as my realtor. I have never met anyone as dedicated, caring, considerate, patient, service oriented as Dan. To this day, I consider myself blessed to have worked with Dan. Dan went above and beyond in meeting my needs. I felt he was not my realtor but more of a family friend who, knowing my situation, accommodated my needs. We spent all of 2023 looking at houses in Cambridge while making multiple trips from Mississauga to Cambridge. Unfortunately, we could not close a deal in 2023. Onto 2024, Dan had to consider another opportunity and won’t be working as a realtor anymore. Though I was really happy for Dan, I just couldn’t see myself working with any other realtor when Dan had spent so many of his hours with me trying to help me find a home. Even after viewing 30+ houses in Cambridge, Dan never pushed nor showed any frustration when I wasn’t deciding on a house. Dan had always worked for my best interest. After requesting Dan to start working in real estate, Dan decided to work again with me. I was beyond thrilled.
    Dan had always shared updates of new homes along with the ones we saw to give an idea on how much they were sold for or the issues, etc. Every single day I would get emails from Dan. Sometimes it felt I was the only customer Dan had because of the dedication he put onto my home search.
    Late March of 2024, I have decided to explore London as an option. And in the beginning of April, Dan and I had shortlisted 3 houses out of 8 that we viewed in London. And we finally put an offer to 1 of the 3 houses. Unfortunately, we were outbid. We were ready for our next batch of searches, but the seller realtor has come back to give us another chance. On May 1st, I moved into my new home in London. In this whole process, Dan had been top of things and always had my best interests including going back to seller realtor multiple times to resolve issues. Even the last day of closing, Dan wouldn’t want to let go of little things, and wanted to make sure they were taken care. Something to note: My primary location was in Scarborough, and I would not be able travel back and forth to view houses if Dan was not there. Everyone who came to know Dan in my circle knows Dan truly went above and beyond to help me close the deal. Not only that, Dan also made sure the debris on my backyard was taken out for me which he has paid out of his pocket to get cleaned.
    Dan, I cannot thank you enough for the services and dedication you have shown in helping purchase my first home. The Brokerage firm, Green Hedge Realty, Inc, is also a great trustworthy firm. They sent me my cashback within a week of closing but since I did not have access to my mailbox, they reached out to me after 3 weeks to know if I was okay and if I had received my check. When I mentioned I did not and not sure where it went, they e-transfer the funds even on the weekend when the office may be closed. I was just surprised to see someone goes that far to ensure you get your cashback whereas other companies you have to remind them. If I ever buy or sell again, I am not considering anyone but Green Hedge Realty, Inc. You guys are the best!