SELLERS PAY 0.7% + 0.7%


Full Service REALTOR LISTING Representation On MLS, For Less.

Save money on MLS with a REALTOR offering a Reduced Real Estate Commission Package from Green Hedge Realty Inc., Brokerage in the Greater Toronto Area.
As a Seller, you will pay 0.7% plus the commission you choose to offer to the cooperating REALTOR representing the Buyer. We are happy to list your home, and we have the experience necessary to procure offers, at any non-traditional cooperating rate at or above 0.7%. If one of our own Buyer clients purchases your home, you will only pay 0.7% + 0.7% + HST, even if you offer a higher cooperating commission to other REALTORS on MLS.
As a Seller, you have a choice of working with one of two highly qualified Real Estate Brokers, each with approximately 15 years of real estate sales experience. You will receive a market evaluation, and the freedom to list at your own chosen asking price for a duration of just 2 months. We will take professional photos of your property, and provide a lock box for showings. Your home will be listed on MLS / REALTOR.ca, as well as on other national real estate advertising websites. We will put up a 'For Sale' sign where appropriate, and take care of all showing requests. You will be able to sign all documents electronically. Finally you will receive our 24/7 availability & full representation when negotiating an offer, and moving forward towards eventual closing of the sale.

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1.8%* Buyer Cash Back Rebates

As a Buyer, you will receive approximately 1.8% cash back after closing, depending on what REALTOR cooperating commission is offered by the Seller.
Green Hedge Realty Keeps Just 0.7% Of Any Commission Offered On MLS When Representing Buyer Clients. If The Seller Offers More, It's Yours. Use The Slider Below To Determine The Amount Of Cash Back In Cases Where 2.5% Is Offered To Buyer Agents.

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Discount Real Estate Commission Saves More Than Just Money

Save More Than Dollars With A REALTOR On MLS

A low fee real estate commission has many benefits, besides actual dollar savings.
Paying less real estate commission means less stress during offer negotiations as your bottom line has more room to breathe. It also means less stress after offer negotiations as Buyers face increasingly tougher mortgage restrictions, and more thorough bank appraisals.
Furthermore, reduced real estate commission agents process more deals on average than their traditional counterparts, giving them more experience and making it less likely that they will have to call a lifeline for help during offer negotiations. Saving you a lot of sanity.
Finally, saving money on commission also means saving the environment. We would not be able to provide these savings if we didn't operate in a way that avoids waste. Our office has a small footprint, we focus on electronic documents as opposed to paper, and generally operate in an organized way that saves time and resources.

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