Full Service Traditional REALTOR Representation on MLS, For Less.
Green Hedge Realty is a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage Offering Professional MLS REALTOR Representation Services At Reduced Commission Rates.
As a Buyer, you will receive full REALTOR representation and cash back after closing. We keep just 1 per cent of the sale price from any cooperating commission offered, and pay the rest back to you. In a lot of cases this works out to about 1.5 per cent, or $15,000 for every million dollars.
As a Seller, if your home sells, you will only pay 0.5 per cent plus the commission you choose to offer (0.5 per cent or more) to the co-operating REALTOR representing the Buyer. We are happy to list your home, and we have the experience necessary to procure offers, at any non-traditional co-operating rate at or above 0.5 per cent. If one of our own Buyer clients purchases your home, you will only pay 0.5% + 0.5% + HST, even if you offer a higher co-operating commission to other REALTORS on MLS.

Our MLS REALTORS: Contact A Green Hedge Realty Agent To Save On Real Estate Commission

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Buyers Get 1.5%* Cash Back As a buyer, you will receive approximately 1.5 per cent cash back after closing, depending on what co-operating brokerage commission is offered by the seller. Green Hedge Realty keeps just 1 per cent of the sale price from any REALTOR commission offered on MLS. If the seller offers more, it's yours. Use the slider below, or visit our cash back calculator, to determine the amount of cash back in cases where 2.5 per cent co-operating brokerage commission is offered by sellers on MLS, or check out the realtor cash back frequently asked questions page.

Sellers Save Tens Of Thousands On Real Estate Listing Commission As a Seller, if your home sells, you will pay only 0.5 per cent plus the co-operating brokerage commission you choose to offer (0.5 per cent or more) to the Agent representing the Buyer. Use the slider below to determine the amount of savings when 1 per cent total commission is paid upon closing, compared with a traditional rate of 5 per cent. HST savings are included. Know how much you can save, and just want to get started? Contact one of us down below, or visit the free home evaluation request form to request an evaluation of your property. If you're an experienced seller and wish to represent yourself, check out information on how to list on mls without a REALTOR.

Discount Real Estate Commission Saves More Than Just Money.

Saves Your Sanity

Reduced real estate commission agents process more deals on average than their traditional counterparts, giving them more experience and making it less likely that they will have to call a lifeline for help during offer negotiations. Saving you a lot of sanity.

Saves Your Nerves

Paying less real estate commission means less stress during offer negotiations as your bottom line has more room to breathe. It also means less stress after offer negotiations as Buyers face increasingly tougher mortgage restrictions, and more thorough bank appraisals.

Saves The Environment

Saving money on commission also means saving the environment. We would not be able to provide these savings if we didn't operate in a way that avoids waste.

Are Discount Commissions Legal? How Can We Earn Money Charging Low Real Estate Fees?
Any commission negotiated between a Client and a Real Estate Brokerage, to provide MLS REALTOR services, is legal. There are no fixed fees.
The price of housing has outpaced wages to such a degree, that it's now possible to offer radically reduced commission percentages while still earning a sufficiently high wage as a REALTOR. In addition, technological advances such as the Internet and electronic signatures, have made the job easier and enabled REALTORS to provide MLS services to more clients at the same time.
Given current home prices in the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario, as well as the lack of competition among Brokerages offering this type of low cost MLS service, we are able to earn enough to justify continuing to do a job we love.